Miss Mo LoBeau – half of the (probably) world famous Desperado Detective Agency – is back!  Mo and Dale went famous for about a week after solving a murder in Tupelo Landing, NC – population 148 minus one (murder.) Now sixth grade has started, and for Mo it’s back to being regular.  

New York Times Bestseller

The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing

by Sheila Turnage

Bluebonnet Award Finalist

“hilarious” – Publishers Weekly, starred review

“heaps of Southern charm” –Kirkus, starred review

“a fresh, droll, rewarding return trip to Tupelo Landing.” - Booklist, starred review

“The perspicacious Mo LoBeau is at it again!” - School Library Journal, starred review

Questions People Ask Me About The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing

Who’s the ghost? Is it one ghost or more, because the title’s plural?

I can’t tell you about the ghosts! It would give the plot away!

Is it Mrs. Blalock or Mr. Jesse from Three Times Lucky? Or maybe Dolph Andrews?  Because they wind up dead in Three Times Lucky. It could be them.

Nope. You’ll never guess who it is so you might as well give up.

Is it anybody we know?

No. You’ll have to read the book if you want to find out who it is.  No more ghost questions!

Are there any new characters in the book? Besides the ghosts?

Yes. There’s a new kid in town – Crenshaw, Harm Crenshaw. Like Bond, James Bond. He’s slick and smart. A guy with secrets and a very fast bike. You’ll want to keep an eye on him.  You’ll also meet some new kids in Mo’s class at school – Jake and Jimmy Exum, for instance. There are a few other new characters here and there.  


Are the old characters back? Did you kill off anybody we like and turn them into ghosts?

You can relax: All your favorite characters are back. Sal, Skeeter, Thes… Hannah Greene’s back, and of course Mo’s arch enemy – Attila Celeste Simpson – is back. Joe Starr, Miss Retzyl, the Colonel, Miss Lana, Miss Rose. Grandmother Miss Lacy Thornton really gets busy in this book. Everybody’s fine!

You didn’t mention Lavender and he’s my favorite.

Lavender’s back and he plays a huge role in this book.

Will there be another Mo and Dale Mystery after this one?

Yes!  The Odds of Getting Even comes out in October 2015!   

Want signed copies of The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing? Here’s how to find them.

#1. Visit me in a bookstore – or check with bookstores I’ve visited to see if they have some left in stock.     

#2. Because Quail Ridge Books & Music is near my home, they keep signed copies in stock. Check their website for more information!  www.quailridgebooks.com

#3. Barnes & Noble in Greenville NC stocks signed copies too! You can reach them at 252-321-8119.

A Best Book of 2014 - The Washington Post

Regular doesn’t come easy to a girl like Mo.

So when her beloved Miss Lana accidentally buys an inn with an unidentified ghost in the fine print, Mo’s eager to take the case. It’s a case full of tough questions: Who’s haunting the old inn?  And why? And will interviewing a ghost land Mo and Dale some extra credit in history?  

Mo and her best friend Dale – aka the Desperado Detectives – set out to solve their second big case only to find out the inn might not be the only thing in Tupelo Landing that’s haunted by the past.

With some unexpected help from the slick new kid in town – Crenshaw, Harm Crenshaw (as in Bond, James Bond) – Mo and Dale discover the truth about a lot of things.

Even themselves.